how to choose best domain name


How to choose the best domain name for your blog is an essential part of blogging. The domain name is not just a name of your site it’s a brand that will give you a separate identity in the web world. Some people don’t care to get the right domain name and they think it’s not a big deal but in our opinion picking the right domain is really important for your blog. In this article we are giving some tips and tricks that will help you to choose the best domain name for your blog.

Now the question is that how you can choose the best domain name for your blog so below is a list of a few topics that you need to review when you are registering a right domain name.


  1. A word or concept of great significance.
  2. A word that acts as the key to a cipher or code.

The keyword is an essential part of your domain name.  Choosing the right keyword for your domain name will help you to get more traffic. If you want to get better position in search engines and your target market is “ House Removal Services in London” so you should choose the right domain name “ In these days niche marketing trend is getting popularity in the web world. All small and big businesses are also given online support and services.  We are giving Google Adwords Keyowrd Tool link that will give you a complete list of Keywords Traffic.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool


Keeping the keyword in your mind you can’t decide the full name of your domain. The brand is also an essential part of your domain that will give you a unique  identity. Your domain name should be catchy and easy to memorize so users will remember your brand name and they will come back easily. We have seen a different website name that was unexpected to become popular but today they now they are the famous brands who are giving services with their names. Example: Google, Yahoo, MSN and Godaddy.  These words were not keywords but now they have dominated on the web. So keep in mind about branding while registering the domain name.

Length, Hyphens & More

The domain name should be shorter because it will be easy to memorize but you can choose this option when you will have the option. Don’t buy like “ “ because that doesn’t relate to your niche. When you will choose the right domain name for your blog, you can choose hyphens in your domain but you should stay away from those as mush as possible because as the domain gets bigger, the value of it goes down. You also should avoid double letter domain because it will make complicated for users. It will be hard to memorize and people can mistakes when they will type your domain name. Example

Domain Name Extensions

When you are trying to get a better domain for your blog so extension will also play a vital role to get more traffic. In these days .com is the most popular domain extension but you should try some other extension in which are .info, .net and .org. We will describe the meaning of these domains but if you need to know all sites extensions meanings click this link Domain Name Extensions Meaning.

.com  is most popular and .com represents the word “comercial”.

.info describes “information / resource”.

.org represents the word “Organisation”.

.net represents the word “Network”.

Domain Registrar

Hundreds of domain registrars are giving domain registration services and also giving hosting and other products. But many sites are scams who disappear every three months. To get a domain for your blog its an important to choose the best registrar those are reliable and had a good reputation in the industry. is one of the reliable and reputed domain registrars in this industry. (You can use a coupon that will give you Buy One Domain and Get one Free: Coupon Code = GetOneFree) is one of the most popular domain registrar and a reliable source to buy your domain name. is also a giant in this industry.

Tools To Register The Right Domain Name

Different websites are giving different tools to choose the right domain name for your blog but most of them are useless. We have compiled a list of some useful tools that will help you for domain registration. Explore other TLD’s.

Nameboy: Suggests possible domain names.

DomainsBot: Domain search engine with Advance features.

Dot-o-mator: Suggests site names based on prefixes and suffixes that you have entered (keywords). Specialize to find 4 letter domain names or shorter domain name.

Expired Domains Search: Database for Expired Domains.

Domize: Domain Search Portal

Bust A Name: Domain Search